An authentic Lebanese sandwich made up of marinated chicken, fresh vegetables, cheese and our ultimate garlic sauce with bits of the famous Tomorrow Leaf which is known to improve health and cure various diseases. These are altogether wrapped with our freshly baked pita bread, giving you a truly satisfying sandwich– healthier than your usual shawarma experience.

Oriental Salad

A mix of crispy, fresh lettuce, romaine, carrots and cucumber with pieces of mouth-watering marinated chicken strips served with our delectable oriental salad dressing. A perfect treat for all, especially for the diet watchers and health-conscious people.


Double the delight with this popular Mexican snack filled with its delicious taco sauce, lettuce, tomato, onion and cheese

Lemon & Herbs

One fun and quick way to consume fruits and vegetables is by juicing. This way, nutrients, vitamins and minerals which are naturally found in fruits and veggies are purely and directly absorbed by the body for its optimum nourishment to improve general health. This is one good reason to avail our fresh juice. It is all-natural and pure, no sugar, milk or additives. Just pure goodness of freshly juiced fruits and veggies perfect for your healthy living.


a popular Korean dish, features delicious ingredients like rice, vegetables, and sometimes meat, all rolled up in seaweed. It's a tasty and convenient snack or meal option, perfect for on-the-go enjoyment.

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To serve people in Mabalacat City, San Fernando City, Porac, Magalang, and other nearby cities and municipalities in Pampanga, we kindly ask our customers to place orders through Maxim delivery. 
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